good friend #0

me voici. dr daphné gutfroind. née pulliat, as we say in France, if you care.

I also have done some regular jobs but this you can see on my LinkedIN, if you care.

I am a trained recruiter and Design Your Life trained coach, I base my practice on my experience of mentoring, being a sister and a parent. On being a good friend also!

my approach to women’s needs is based on my own experience and all the individual stories I have witnessed, been part of, listened to, heard of, read about, felt or guessed. my research and analytical approach translate into a coaching that is clear, documented, behaviour based and result oriented, always empathetic with your needs.

my education, lifestyle, and passion for learning made me a polyglot. I take pride in knowing women form all horizons and in being able to serve the ones who speak English, French and Hebrew. I can chat with the ones who speak German too! Speak soon!

If you are an Insta lover, check this out!