Women History Month & the goodfriends

This month we honour women in history. As we are still in one of the most violent crisis for humanity and women especially, TGF suggest that we remember history and attend this British library event with Urvi Kaitan on women’s work during war and famine times. We are also reminding ourselves that this year in the UK some children need to receive food from the UNICEF, which was unheard of until this pandemic.

This is why along this historical month, TGF wants to participate in making change happen and will take you on a journey: events, books, exhibitions, reflexions etc. are on the menu.

But before anything, as this is Woman History Month, comment and name one woman who has made history for you. Here is the woman I am naming for having made history: Cecile Reims. Her skills have saved treasures of european surrealistic artists and her belief in the right to freedom helped forging the destiny of a nation.

I will post here, the magic of tech integration will make it appear on some other social media, but if you are all about visual visual visual, check this out!

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