Women History Month & the goodfriends

This month we honour women in history. As we are still in one of the most violent crisis for humanity and women especially, TGF suggest that we remember history and attend this British library event with Urvi Kaitan on women’s work during war and famine times. We are also reminding ourselves that this year in the UK some children need to receive food from the UNICEF, which was unheard of until this pandemic.

This is why along this historical month, TGF wants to participate in making change happen and will take you on a journey: events, books, exhibitions, reflexions etc. are on the menu.

But before anything, as this is Woman History Month, comment and name one woman who has made history for you. Here is the woman I am naming for having made history: Cecile Reims. Her skills have saved treasures of european surrealistic artists and her belief in the right to freedom helped forging the destiny of a nation.

I will post here, the magic of tech integration will make it appear on some other social media, but if you are all about visual visual visual, check this out!


we also build hives (December 2020)

As we learn from others,

peers, allies, sisters and mothers,

we fly past each others.

So often, our flights cross,

our common buzz echoes.

When we fly near others, we hear that they are heroes,

we learn about how they found their way,

about the weight they had to lift on the way.

Not flying but walking,

not buzzing but talking,

we build this path for us,

we navigate living with others.

Shaping our space,

finding our pace,

rich of our weakness,

carrying on with our business.

Like bees, we build our own hives.

And like bees make honey,

our business makes money.


it is like Socrates knew me (December 2020)

Thoughts and dreams, memories and stories are shared.

Blurry thoughts,

broken dreams,

sad memories,

stories of sorries.

Shared by women who speak,

women who show

when they were strong and when they were weak.

Know thyself, as the greek philosopher said,

as a later philosopher wrote.

So little attention is paid,

to how much women

Know themselves.

To how much women dive into their thoughts,

into their dreams, memories and stories,

To how much women



And now, they know



what we do now (December 2020)

When we seek to change,

ourselves or the world – any change -,

we do it with our hands.

Women seek the change,

and make it happen with their hands.

everything is within ours hands, I once learned from a deaf artist.

Hands, voices, views and


Words that shape, inform, change and

transform our world.

I watch these women seek the syllables,

I see them look for the melody,

I witness them finding the one word that enables

them to take action,

to get into motion,

to sparkle that emotion.

It takes one word,

to make a woman move forward.

Each one her own word, her own score, her own music,

For her voice

to sing and speak

through and to our world.

For one voice,

to shout why it is unique.


power of the past (December 2020)

Some women want change to happen;

some women want to make change happen.

As I meet these women, I want to learn about their past.

But a memory

is like a friend from the past,

who needs an invitation before it is let in to the party.

Silence is my ally;

patience is my ally.

As these women rally, I listen, I hear the silence,

I hear the breathing, I hear the quiet sentence.

the way women talk about worlds sounds different, I noted once.

As I listen to their vision, I witness an arrow,

the arrow of time, that has left the bow,

that is now


As I make notes of these women’s words, their voices become quiet

and turn into a memory.