Group coaching

at the goodfriends, we strongly believe that you may go faster alone, but you go farther as a team. we offer group coaching sessions on a weekly basis to strengthen solidarity between women.

sorority is the concept that defines the best my approach: I am one of five sisters, I have countless female friends, I had dozen of female work friends and I can say that I know women and how we behave towards each others: like sisters.

house rules are that I know you have a life, so babies are welcome, toddlers too, breastfeeding is encouraged for those of you who are at this stage of their motherhood, only phones are forbidden, even male partners are welcome if you feel like they are relevant to a session. friendly ears, non judgmental environment, the goodfriends groups are a place for support and sharing with each others on your journey towards returning to work or simply to yourself, for those of you who are at this stage of their motherhood.

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