Individual Coaching

the support I provide in individual sessions is designed to help you build the steps towards making decisions, taking action and making change happen as time passes. on your journey back to work or starting a new professional development, I can support you with the help of conversations, exercises, role plays, reads, techniques and also simply listening.

I care about individual stories and I take pride in becoming your companion in writing this page of your story. my practice is friendly, approachable, flexible, non judgemental, and individualised, no size fits all.

you can get an idea of the values I infuse in my work if you read Our Inspirations page, or give me a call. I always offer a first hour free, even simply to discuss these values. I genuinely love conversations, talking to people and listening to them before I even think about if I could help them.

do get in touch with form below or via WhatsApp if you need one on one sessions that I will be happy to facilitate around your timetable.