two sets of services

professional development + childcare

one venue


one goal

cater for women and families needs

We mentor and we coach.

Dedicated to our local communities, our operations will be peer led wherever possible.

We envision a collaborative space with onsite services that will be performed by our Members in need of

professional development

experience building

skill learning

income generation & management experience

It will be a place for opportunities in itself.

Our ambition is to create a venue for the communities of Haringey, where everything that our respective services, our personalities and our expertise offer can combine and be coordinated to deliver more for our Members, women, mothers, children, families.

Examples of what 2wh will look like for its Members:

when Members come for mentoring or coaching, they benefit from childcare on site.


personal care

social care

environment care and self care

when Members come to use the childcare services, they can use the work spaces for developing, resting, socialising for wellbeing.


spaces to meet peers

family, parenting, child development specialists

based on Member’s identified needs, we will also offer the spaces for meetings with external specialists (mental and emotional health professionals, family mediation professionals, lone parenthood advisers, child development professionals).


We envision

a hub for you, Haringey families

to use a range of services centred on

family care, career development, & women empowerment

All our services are delivered to our Members with 2wh values as their core principles:


Social justice





The idea came to our minds simply by looking at and listening to our clients.

If you think that you could use our services or that you know people who could use them, register your interest or refer someone with the form below.

Not only will we consult you to ensure the services we develop meet the needs of our future Members but we will also reward the early birds with added benefits.

We know that solutions for the communities are better designed when thought collectively, so PARTICIPATE in our public consultation to help 2wh improve lives in Haringey: