Our inspiration

courtney love for her beauty, a rock n roll star, free and sexual, a mother and a wife, widower and incredible singer above all. on that picture one can see the magic of make up, how it reveals beauty, how the outfit matters. the attitude and the accessories. women, love yourself, treat yourself, pamper yourself. even if you are a rock n roll girl, we all have flaws, what matters is self love, it’s an way of life.

maya angelou for her words, her poetry, which I read at first translated in French, my mother tongue. it took me long until I read some of her poetry again in English. that time I felt in my core self how simplicity, clarity and crystal clear vision translates into the most well balanced sentences. the smile of this woman of words on that picture is a clear sign that one woman build her own path, tell her own story, and become an inspiration for all in simply keeping her identity and integrity. like Maya inspires to all, you also can tell your own story.

simone de beauvoir, I simply want to call her simone; for her writings, her natural beauty. a philosopher and a passionate lover. for her mind and her freedom, borderline and borderline. she inspires respect and disgust, and her words have shaped the mind of uncountable women like me, in France and in Europe, differently in the USA. nevertheless, to me like and many women, she is a badass woman, who said fuck to rules and who ruled. her late beauty here on this picture shows that you should be bold, limitless, classy, and a bit of a nerd, if you want to matter.

beyonce knowles, I could also simply call her beyonce as many do, but in her case I want to name her maiden name as I do think that she started to shine before she was put a ring on and pushed even further in her intersideral success. I love her and Iove glitter. this picture tells us that we are within a constellation of stars, not alone, and one of them could be our best friend, beyonc’, because she is the incarnation of cool and embodies values of support and friendship. you have different links coming in and out of your own planet, yo’ venus sista’. relationships with family, friends, communities, you are not alone, ‘pen your eyes.

amma for her dedication and mission in life: hugging the world. I could not agree more with anyone on this planet than with the idea, incarnated by this woman, that the world needs more hugs more empathy more loving contact. even in the post-covid-19 world, which is not fixed and certain yet. so I keep this mindset that amma shares across the world with her actions, not only with her words. this picture shows a woman of action, although deeply connected with her inner self. you can find that balanced mindset also.

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