Our method

TGF coach for action, motion and also emotion.

our tools and the ones of Design Your Life method are designed to generate ideas, encourage movement, change mindset and take action.

we believe in the power of words, spoken and written. our exercises are tailored for your brain and for your hands.

ultimately, what we do with our selves, our lives, is like everything else, we do it with our hands.

it’s also about where we go, where we are, what we do with our feet. They are what takes us places after all. just like on the picture above, my coaching is a presence behind you, you lead and I follow you on your path. just like the picture above says, ‘nous en vrai’, it is time to be truly ourselves.

we advocate for, practice and teach radical collaboration*, using emotional intelligence as a powerful tool to generate healthy relationships.

TGF coaches by putting things in your hands and moving forward with you, as a good friend, until you reach your goals and achieve a balanced life.

*Radical Collaboration: “Radical collaboration works on the principle that people with very different backgrounds will bring their idiosyncratic technical and human experiences to the team. This increases the chance that the team will have empathy for those who will use what they are designing, and that the collision of different backgrounds will generate truly unique solutions.

radical collaboration as defined, practiced and taught by Burnet and Evans is one of the most powerful tools we use in coaching. you will find other thought provoking tools on their website using the links below.

Design Your Life resources

Odyssey worksheet

Work, Play, Love, Health worksheet

Good Time Journal worksheet

Failure worksheet

Energy worksheet

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