Our vision

focus on your Self: explore your persona, learn to love yourself, boost your self-esteem, unveil your beauty, improve your self-care and simply become your own best friend

pick a direction: explore your passions, capture your past achievements, set goals for your own development, draw your career path, empower yourself for the workplace, learn about being a mother at work and find out how to turn your decisions into actions

reveal your real value: learn to say fuck, unveil the value of your non corporate skills, explore the strengths of being a women and a mother, discover your relationship to money, learn to talk about money and to negotiate, become able to put a price on your skills and simply become more powerful

focus on your links to others: beyond your relationship to yourself, draw the picture of your current network, evaluate your relationships, your benefit to them and their benefit to you, explore private and professional stakeholders of your life and learn how to build a strong base of people who want to see you become bigger

focus on the invisible part of you, your inner self: explore your knowledge of self and its relation to your body, deepen your spirituality, create rituals to tackle fears, guilt and any destructive thoughts. Meditation, yoga, music therapy and whatever works for you are on the menu

Listen to my mood music, loads of public playlists for different moments of your life.

Currently they are accessible on Spotify, but leave a message below if you would like access from a different music platform, I adapt to the needs of women I serve!