Recruiting Mothers

In c a r e e r we see care

our message to Mothers

as we believe in live research, we constantly enrich our knowledge on mothers needs when it comes to work. currently we are working on a project to create the CV of a working mother, it will be an online free resource for mothers to feed their CV with skills they have and need to put up on their CV.

we believe that many of these skills are unseen and we will run focus groups through 2021 to capture these skills and serve as a voice for the needs of working mothers. Register your interest in joining a focus group with the form below, we want to hear about our experience as a working mother or the one of a person you know and admire.

we will use all the results of the focus groups to deliver insight on how to support mothers and women in general go back to work after career breaks taken due to child care or any other family care.

our message to Recruiters

you also have noticed that mothers are incredible team members?

they come back to the workplace with many skills that motherhood has sparkled in them, so I have specialised in capturing these in women. I help them become aware of these skills, these transferrable skills, as recruiters say.

so if you are after talents that also happen to be mothers, talk to me as I am an expert in mothers’ needs in the workplace and in making their integration in your team a success.

as research and experience show, combining recruitment and training is a winning recipe so we are partnering with Claire Paillet from P3C, a Paris based training specialist, for those of you who require deeper support with bringing new members to your team.